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【オンエア情報】ボストンFMラジオ局WBCAにて楽曲オンエア | Tracks from 'Haru' were played on Boston WBCA Radio


ボストンのFMラジオ局WBCAの番組「The Other Page Radio」(10/31放送)と「Local Mix: Jazz & Blues」(11/5放送)でNew EP「Haru」から数曲オンエアされました!

Several tracks from Rina's latest EP 'Haru' were played on WBCA Radio programs 'The Other Page Radio' (Oct. 31st) and 'Local Mix: Jazz & Blues' (Nov. 5th). WBCA is a broadcast service of the Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) and the City of Boston.


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